Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Blogilates Fit Journal ~ WANT! But Yet I Might Create My Own...

I attempted Blogilates a while ago. While I thought Cassey Ho's videos were good, thoughtful workouts that definitely left my core feeling like a boxers punch bag, they didn't have me screaming for mercy and sweating up a storm. They did, however, inspire me to workout again. Cassey is ridiculously happy and is one of those people who will make you feel joyful to be working out and living a healthy lifestyle. For that, I thank her. Because while I don't use her workouts I do enjoy her energy and her advice.

I follow her blog and I saw that she's developed a fit journal. Oh my goose, I want one. I don't even LIKE writing down what I eat every day but I really want one...

For one, it's spiral bound. Spiral bound note books are far superior to any other note book on the planet. Oh, perhaps I should warn you all, I'm a stationary freak. 

I love the design with the colourful, illustrated pages beginning each week. Also, there's so much to fill in and colour!! My childhood love of colouring books can  sorta return to my life! 

It even has before and after pages, with before and after picture pages too! Jizz...in...ma PANTS. 

As much as I would love to buy this note book, I thought to myself this is a one time use! So I've begun to contemplate perhaps I should just make my own. Draw everything and design it myself. The content of this fit journal is easily replicated, it's just designed in a visually appealing way and makes it feel official. I'd be paying $30 for the convenience of the 12 week diary template being made for me. Granted it is a lovely looking note book and I think it's definitely worth the money, but once again Cassey may have simply inspired me to do my own thing in my own way. 

For those of you who just want this gorgeous note book delivered straight to their door click here!

Today's weigh in was the same as yesterday, 159.6 lbs... eww, really hate reporting that I'm in the 159's again. This week is my dreaded time of the month, the monthlies, the monster week etc. I ate really poorly today too, so I'm not doing myself any favours. But Sian, did you work out? NO. I DIDN'T. I FAILED AGAIN. *sulk*. Tomorrow I'm going to work out, I just have to. I'm running a 10K in 6 weeks. Training has begun, I can't keep putting it off or I'll fail!! 

So, fingers crossed I kick my arse in gear and do Insanity tomorrow! Wish me luck, or just say "seriously, get off your fat arse and do something you SLOB!" Yeah, the latter is more effective.


  1. I really like the notebook idea. Don't beat yourself up. You haven't failed. You've just had a couple slip ups. Just hang in there and do your Insanity tomorrow. You got this, girl!

  2. Thanks, you're right! 2 off days doesn't mean a fail, just gotta get back on it! You're awesome!


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