Monday, 27 January 2014

The Pyramid Challenge Has Begun

I tweaked my idea and edited my last post about the weight lost pyramid, but today I officially (and a little late) started the pyramid challenge. I began my quest to drink 8 glasses of water a day. I have been successful! Though it has made me realise that I really wasn't taking care of myself in relation to hydration was actually quite a challenge to fit in all 8 glasses. I hope by day 7 I will have mastered the habit and can continue it to the end of my goal.

Today I caught a glimpse in the mirror and I was disgusted. I have let myself go again, the post-Christmas/New Year pudge has stuck itself to me like an unwanted parasite. I struggled to haul my jeans over my ever growing muffin top. I couldn't help but laugh at the sight, how could I do this to myself after so much progress over the years? But then it made me realise - this is the last year I will be unhappy with my body.

2014 is the year I will reach my goal of 130 lbs (or as close to it as I deem fit - I've never been that light to know what is comfortable for me). I'm 25 this year, I cannot bare the thought of spending another year being unhappy with my weight and lack the confidence in my body. This has to be the year that I reach my goal. I want to be a woman people will admire, an inspiration to myself.

This post may be short but it is the beginning of my 2014 journey to healthy - to the body of my dreams.


  1. I am glad to hear you have started your Pyramid Challenge as well as drinking enough water!! Good luck!

  2. Yeah!! I've declared the same thing! I'm sitting at my desk in pants that barely button! let's be internet stranger "get fit" buddies! :)


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